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is the design partnership of Leonel Valle and Jeffrey Newburger.

We got our start together in the dark theaters of downtown New York City working on avant-garde dance, theater and performance pieces and soon were designing and traveling together with site specific installations to festivals all across the world. Over the next several years our design aesthetics and work experience grew while we focused on different aspects of designing for corporate events and trade show installations.

Then in April of 2002 —after over 8 years of collaboration and forging our friendship— Lionfish Design was born. We came together with the desire to form a design company that brings to our clients the strength, quality and artistic sensibility that can only come from a truly collaborative and solid creative team. Over the years we have developed an intuitive collaborative design relationship that we devote to our own internal “brainstorming” sessions for every project. Not to be cliché — but two heads really are better than one— and because of our techniques the designs we produce are more creative, exciting and technically thought out. Our clients look to us to deliver memorable and inspiring experiences and we strive to bring those same standards to our collaborative design process —so that the experience of working with Lionfish is itself a memorable, inspiring and very enjoyable one.

Since forming Lionfish Design, we have developed unique and inspired environments for corporate events, tradeshow exhibits, theatrical shows, television sets, retail interiors, PR events and more. Our wide range of clients represent the technology, pharmaceutical, financial, fashion, not-for-profit, retail, beverage and other sectors of the business world.

We pride ourselves on the fresh look and level of attention we give to each new project and design, not matter what size or budget. Our varied backgrounds —from Argentina to the East Coast— infuse our designs with a well developed and cutting edge aesthetic.